Top Prices Paid For All Unwanted
Instruments, Mouthpieces & Accessories!

You have several options if you are interested in working with Jon Baltimore Music to sell your unwanted musical instruments, mouthpieces or accessories. As a potential seller, you are always welcome to visit our shop during normal business hours (with or without an appointment) to discuss which of the following options will best fit your needs.

Note: Please bring the instrument with you! Our repair department will first examine the condition/state of maintenance of any potential purchases before discussing (potential) offers.

1. Immediate sale. Receive cash or a store credit voucher in exchange for your item.
2. Trade-in. After agreeing upon a payment amount for your item, apply this amount directly towards the purchase of another item in our inventory.
3. Consignment. Establish a contractually agreed-upon sale price for your instrument. You retain ownership of the item until it is sold, after which you are paid out.

Although our offers for outright purchases of unwanted items are highly competitive, leaving an item on consignment generally allows a seller to ask more for an item than if he/she sells an item outright for cash.

Please Note: Store credit vouchers are non-transferable and are valid for a period of one year after issue. They may be renewed indefinitely by the person named on the voucher if this is done before the voucher expiry date.

Please Note: Jon Baltimore Music has a 30-day return policy for customers purchasing consignment instruments; therefore, consignments are not paid out until at least 30 days after full payment is received from the purchaser. The maximum monthly payout on large consignments will not exceed $500. Jon Baltimore Music charges a consignment fee equal to 15% of the contractually agreed-upon sale price, an amount which is deducted before payment is made to the consignor.

Please call us at (212) 840-7165 or send us an email ( if you have further questions about working with Jon Baltimore Music to sell your unwanted instruments, mouthpieces and accessories.