Repair Services

A Full-Service Repair Shop:
The Center Of Our Business

All repair work is completed here on site in our 46th Street workshop and showroom. We have a full complement of modern, vintage and hand-made tools. Our staff of experienced repairmen and professional musicians, headed by master mechanic Jonathan Baltimore, examine and verify the quality of all repairs before any instrument leaves our shop. All major repair jobs including overhauls and customizations are guaranteed for one year because we stand by the quality of our work and want to be certain that our customers are always satisfied. We use only top-quality pads (leather, double fish-skin, plastic resonators, metal resonators with/without rivet) for pad replacements and woodwind instrument overhauls. More generally, if you are unhappy with any repair (minor or major) done in our shop, don’t hesitate to bring it back to us so that we can re-examine the instrument and  find a solution for you at no extra charge.

No Phone Estimates

It is very difficult (if not impossible) to give a fair estimate for a repair job without first seeing the instrument to be worked on. To receive an official estimate for repair work, you will have to visit our shop or arrange to have your instrument shipped to us in New York. To make arrangements to ship your instrument to us in New York City, there are many ways to get in contact with us. Of course, it is not necessary to make an appointment to come into our shop. You are welcome to visit our repair shop for an estimate at any time during normal business hours.

Services We Offer

Restoration, Overhaul & Cleaning

• instrument restoration
• overhaul
• instrument regulation (key/pad seating)
• lacquer stripping
• chemical cleaning
• silver and gold plating
• instrument re-lacquering


• neck re-cork
• joint re-cork
• cork/felt bumper replacement
• cork pad replacement

Metal Work

• dent removal
• brass patching
• body straightening
• neck straightening
• sleeve/tenon adjustment (neck)
• brace/joint soldering
• post re-set
• rod straightening
• key straightening
• key soldering
• key replacement
• custom key modification
• custom key making
• silver soldering
• ring re-set (clarinet)

Work Specific to Brass Instruments

• dent repair/removal
• valve lapping & reconditioning
• rotary valve restringing & adjustment
• frozen/bent slide repair
• frozen mouthpiece removal
• mouthpiece plating & polishing
• leadpipe replacement
• bell replacement

Work Specific to Wood-Body Instruments

• oiling & treatment
• crack sealing
• pin placement (cracked instrument)
• band placement (cracked instrument)

For any other service inquires please contact us